ELD Electronic Log Book Exemptions

ELD Exceptions

According to the FMCSA’s guidelines, drivers who will be exempt from using electronic logs include:

Those who use paper record of duty status (RODS) for no more than eight days out of every 30-day period (this eight-day period must be over a single 30-day period and doesn’t have to be in the same month, e.g., May 15-June 15).

Those who conduct driveaway-towaway operations, where the vehicle being driven is the commodity being delivered

Those whose vehicles were manufactured before 2000 – these drivers will have to prepare paper logs using an Automatic On-Board Recording Device (AOBRD) or a logging software program when required.

The FMCSA makes it clear if the truck is a rental or a leased vehicle there are no exceptions if the driver or fleet is required to record Hours of Service (HOS). If the fleet is exempt from the requirements of FMCSA regulations part 395.8, then it is likely exempt from the ELD Mandate.
This is for information purposes only as of 08-22-17 we recommend looking at the FMCSA regulations for more detailed information.